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Maveth, The Death-Bringer

Ty'ron W.C. Robinson II

Maveth, The Death-Bringer, is a short story staring Danton Thomas, a merc, who is hired to kill a traitor. Before his assignment, Danton talks with the head of a criminal organization, who stresses that everyone needs a little R&R before each assignment. There are moments in the story where the mind pulls away from the story because the scenes appear rushed. The dialogue makes up for this as the conversations between the characters are worth a read through in itself. While reading this short story, I learned that everyone is human, even someone who is a hired killer has feelings. I recommend this story to those who enjoy a little romance mixed in with murder.

I'd give Maveth, The Death-Bringer a 3.5./5. on Sage's Reviews.

Aurora Eyes

King Reinhardt

Aurora Eyes brought out every emotion in my body. I cried, I screamed, and I cheered because even though each action led to a consequence, those actions also led to an admirable outcome. Aurora’s Eyes is both exciting and empowering! Not only does a romantic relationship blossom but the future of all is about to change because of one bite. Destiny unfolds right before our eyes through the love Yelya holds in her heart for those who matter most. The key importance I took from Aurora’s Eyes is to never give up on love, and don’t underestimate powerful people. A few parts that really captured my interest happen at the beginning of the book because this is where Yelya begins her growth. We watch her actions transform due to her determination to save everyone but herself. She rushes into a room pleading for help without thinking about what happens to her. She makes allies with people in hopes of being able to fix everything around her. She isn’t afraid to die as long as those around her have the chance of breaking free from the chains holding them back. One final note, no matter what, chase your dreams even if they lead you down a terrifying path.
I’d give Aurora’s eyes a 4/5 on Sage’s Reviews.


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