Quarantined Supernatural Disaster

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Stuck at home with nothing better to do? Me too! I've exhausted my list of movies and TV shows. I've read and re read my favorite novels. I've also browsed the free section of apple books, and pranced around my house singing my favorite songs. I've done everything over and over. I'm ready to be wow'd once again.

Let's face it Game of Thrones threw us out of our seats bc the MC died in episode three. We had no idea what would come next no matter what. We need more of this!

Anyone else over 25 realize that content is the same as it is years prior? They literally write and rewrite everything. There are thousands of writers out there yet we watch and re-watch seasons and seasons of the same thing. Hollywood... wake the hell up!

Sure plots change over the years but stories circle back around consistently. In the early 2000's supernatural characters were all the rave. Writers took advantage of this and they quickly published loads of content involving vampires, werewolves and zombies. These weren't the only type of creatures, but they were the dominant trio.

Ten years after supernatural fantasies died off, spin-off series are released. It's a modern day True Blood, and I won't lie... there are moments where I chuckle or tune in. I'm a huge fan of the supernatural world. I mean who wouldn't love the comfort of a warm wolf, being saved by a powerful vampire or watch their enemies get eaten alive by zombies?

Either way Legacies, I-Zombies and Confessions of Sabrina are the same as Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. They're just rearranged and re written, and those are just the past 20 years of supernatural. This doesn't include the classics.

What will come next? I understand why Vampires don't stay around long. I mean after all we humans do age. Will Hollywood continue to produce the same BS over and over for years to come or will they finally open their doors to the talented indie writers?

Stay curious!


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