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Updated: May 28, 2020

As a writer, I have a lot to say. I enjoy talking, and I enjoy creating short stories. The problem is I have much to say, therefore my short stories tend to turn into novels. Over the years, I've discovered that plenty of short stories leave readers wanting more, and a lot of writers leave bookworms, creating a world around the characters in their minds in hopes of getting more.

I've noticed in the comment sections, gobs of readers beg authors to continue the story and write more because they want to see how each character grows. Multiple short stories are blessed by being turned into films, but this doesn't help readers who want to see what comes next. What readers want is to continue a journey because they believe there is more that needs to be said. There is nothing wrong with wanting more to a story. Short stories with legendary plots shape the main character or paint an epic romance which readers long to find out what tales will unfold. Where is that next chapter? Do writers give up or writers continue the journey? Short stories bring magical moments before bedtime, whether it be about the main character's curiosity or creatively coming up with other ideas that will never unfold. Those. what ifs are what give writers possibility.

Stay Curious!


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