Scrambled Sage!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Today started off good you know until I dump the coffee on the counter or knock the spatula out of the pan. That coffee couldn't come at a better time either. The twins come tumbling down the stairs one dressed as Venom the other as Miles, I didn't know what to do so of course I stand prepared and ready for battle.

Miles asks for fruit loops and Venom asks for honey nut cheerios, but I tell them I'm cooking breakfast and they moan... damn is my food that bad? I mean I know there are times when I forget to check the bread and I burn it or over fry the chicken. Shoot that was some good TV when food gets burnt. Of course the letdown lifted when I told them pancakes were included. Miles and Venom continue their battle in the living room.

Incoming... teenager coming! She plops her head on my shoulder and groans, it's like 9:00 A.M. and we're already groaning. Shit, it's going to be one hell of a day if we are already moping and groaning through the house like Eeyore. Now I understand why he was so sad and mopey. He was a it!

I look over and the eggs are smoking. I shoo Eeyore away, so I can finish breakfast before I burn everything.

After breakfast it was pretty entertaining. I was working on a short story while Venom and Miles #DistantLearning and Eeyore moped in her corner splatting paint on the ground and listening to her sad rock music. Typical am I right! I get reminded often how pay back is a bitch due to my obsession with teen magazine and Oops I did It Again music.

Venom and Miles were watching a video and the Macarena comes on. Of course I jump up and start singing and dancing along. Miles looks at me and shrieks YOU KNOW THIS?? In my mind I'm screaming about how old I am because I know this from my skating rink days, but my kids think I'm hip for knowing something they know (They're eight). I say yes and move about my day, but that damn song was stuck in my head for hours.

Of course I forgot about the time because my mind was stuck in my short story which only came to 600 words. I'm so failing at this short story everyday nonsense. I believe I can do it so I will. Lunch was delayed so I pop in a pizza. Miles and Venom ask me if they can have PB&J... First off this isn't BK so you can't have it your way and second it's pizza!!

Afterwards I sat down and worked out some of the kinks for writing, but one of my favorite people sent me a message to read her blog. I'll tell you what it knocked me out of my chair. I couldn't believe how real and raw it was.

At this point, I need a glass of wine! I look around but I don't see any, so I fill up the glass with apple juice and raise it in the air.

Back at my desk, after dinner is done and Eeyore finished moping about chores I find myself staring at that short story again. Only this time I found the words I'd be searching for all along! While I'm editing the story I literally deleted it. I facepalmed but I was also thankful because I could retrieve it.

Anywayz, I love writing and I love talking hopefully everyone enjoys hearing the chatter from around my house.

Stay healthy & Stay safe!


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