Sage Blossoms

Updated: May 26, 2020

Over the years, I wondered where my storytelling would take me. I write snippets here and there. I tell silly stories to my children as they grow therefore so do my stories. It wasn't until one of life's many challenges where writing became a part of my soul.

I mapped out self help books for sibling loss. I developed a whole new world which is bright & colorful where anything is possible. I brought life to characters which couldn't happen elsewhere.

Through the journey of creating a children's book I found myself. I became a creative writer therefore I wanted validation that I was, so I enrolled into a writing program thru Full Sail University. I obtained my BA in creative writing for entertainment.

My writing journey started with writing a few stories and joining multiple writing guilds. I still didn't feel like a writer even after I freelanced for agencies. I discovered my voice after I opened that children's book. Ideas flew out of my mind and onto paper. I let my ideas unfold and I trusted them.

I blossomed as a writer because I trusted the voice inside me. I didn't shrink when someone told me that my work sucked. Sure at first I did, but I also found that everyone is different. Someone out there will love what I have to say.

Remember, never give up and never give in.

Stay Curious!


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