Hundred Acre Woods!!!

I realize that we can't wake up looking like Beyonce or Queen Elizabeth but really...drool literally almost to my ear... is that necessary? I walk into the bathroom and look into the mirror. Damn I look like a hybrid mix of human and Chow Chow. My hair was pulled in every direction and it was so poofy. I could pass for Simba's twin.

After getting ready for battle, I head downstairs to inject coffee into my veins and I hear silence. I mean total silence. I stood there for a moment to enjoy it before Darth Maul and Darth Vader came tumbling down behind me. I reach down and pick up the light saber. We battle our way through the dining and living room.

We start our morning routine of #distantlearning when in stumbles Eeyore. I wonder what will happen in the Hundred Acre Woods today. When we are finished with school, I shoo Vader and Maul upstairs so I could do a video conference with a fellow writer. After the conference is done we sit down and watch Mandalorian for the third time.

While I'm making lunch, Vader asks if it's possible to live in a lego house. Now that is something I would love to see. I wonder how many legos it would take to build one house. Maul believes that rain would drip through the cracks. Huh, that's a good point.

Eeyore comments that my fried rice was disgusting. Damn, can't please everyone. Someone always complains about something. Then she goes over to her little area and reads a book for awhile.

We decide this evening would be a movie night, so we watched both Frozen movies because we have nothing else to do. I'll tell you what I'm loving Elsa's hair in Frozen II. We also watched Fox and the Hound. I still crack up when Copper introduces himself to Tod.

Eeyore sits beside us and watches it all. Periodically, she slips her hand beside my monitor for a hand squeeze. #MommasGirl

It's finally bedtime but it's also that time where it's so silent the mind just opens up. I discovered that I really enjoy this time of day except my body is screaming to lay down, so I do. I turn on my switch and open Animal Crossing New Horizons just to move a few things around... 3 hours later I find myself still awake and still playing my game. The later it gets the more I feel my eyes getting droopy and I mean droopy. I fall asleep long enough to smack my face with the switch. Talk about a wake-up call!

I hope you enjoy your daily dose of Sage!

Stay safe and Stay healthy Sage!

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